Dr. José Calderón-Abbo

Dr. Calderón is board certified in psychiatry and addiction medicine, with an additional certification in mind-body medicine. He offers a number of services and programs through Mindful Psychiatry and through the Mindful Living Program. He also hosts a podcast, Whole Body Mental Health Radio on iTunes, and is an active member of the Climate Psychiatry Alliance. Please check out the calendar to view upcoming workshops and other events.

Upcoming Event: Mind-Body-Spirit Based Relapse Prevention for Addictions  

Wanting, aversion, and confusion are at the core of many unskillful behaviors including addictions. Entering and sustaining recovery often requires skillful use of psychological, behavioral and ethical/spiritual tools.
This is a 4-week workshop for those wanting to learn or modify skills to sustain sobriety from chemical or behavioral addictions. This workshop teaches mindfulness, mind-body medicine, and cognitive behavioral skills to support your practice and complement any other form of addiction treatment, 12-steps, SMART recovery, or Refuge Recovery work you may be doing. Selective mind-body skill may include gentle mindful movements and other forms of embodied mindfulness practices, meditation, imagery, cognitive behavioral skills and other.
Participants are required to attend all 4 sessions, come to sessions sober, and commit to practice between sessions.
To register please contact Tibetan House, info@tibetanhouse.com or
(504) 897-9339.
Wednesday evenings, 7:00pm-9:00pm
August 22, August 29, September 5, September 12
Fee for the workshop is $80.

Whole Body Mental Health Radio is a show that thinks broadly about mental health and addictions, from the mind-body connection and genetics, to the community and the world. Listen live on WHIVfm, Wednesdays 7pm ct and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

“we are not political. we are scientific.”

The Climate Psychiatry Alliance aims to provide trustworthy information  on the mental health impacts of climate change and sustainable action by clinicians and researchers with an eye toward clinical, policy-oriented and solutions-based perspectives.

Professional psychiatry societies are recognizing that the climate change has a disproportionate impact on those with mental illness. A recent article, “Climate Change: A Call to Action for the Psychiatric Profession” discusses the potential consequences of climate change on general and mental health, as well as ways the profession can respond to this pressing situation. Read the full article here.

Mindful living involves us all. In the caring for others, we care for ourselves, as we are all interconnected and depend on one another. Mindful Psychiatry supports our community through donations and public service. We also offer our podcast and this website as resources for the international community towards enhancing whole body health.