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Dr. Calderón is board certified in psychiatry and addiction medicine, with an additional certification in mind-body medicine. He offers a number of services and programs through Mindful Psychiatry, and through the Mindful Living Program. He also hosts a weekly radio show, Whole Body Mental Health Radio on New Orleans WHIV FM at 102.3 or whivfm.org.

Mindful Psychiatry is an integrative psychiatric practice that uses modern biomedicine, psychotherapy, and mind-body practices to treat psychiatric conditions and addictions, to promote wellness, and to reduce stress. Through Mindful Psychiatry, Dr. Calderón seeks to help people heal, recover, and live to their fullest potential. He offers individual and group psychotherapy for general psychiatry and addictions,  medication management, including Suboxone and other substance abuse treatments, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), functional medicine and other physiological screenings, clinical and forensic evaluations, and professional consultations on addiction medicine, with services in English and Spanish.

Through the Mindful Living Program©, Dr. Calderón also offers wellness and stress reduction groups, educational and professional training workshops, and corporate wellness consultations.

Every Wednesday at 7pm CDT, Dr. Calderón hosts Whole Body Mental Health Radio, a show that aims to broaden the discussion about mental health. Each week features a conversation with a thought-provoking guest speaker, with topics ranging from genetics and the gut-brain connection, to psychology and psychotherapy, recovery trends, pharmacology, mind-body-medicine, mindfulness, community health, public policy, cross-cultural psychiatry, managed care, and the environment. WHIV radio is dedicated to human rights, social justice, and public health.

Mindful living involves us all. In the caring for others, we care for ourselves, as we are all interconnected and depend on one another. Mindful Psychiatry supports our community through donations and public service.