Mindful Living Program

The Mindful Living Program© is a wellness program created to help you design, support, and live a more balanced, healthy, and harmonious life. It teaches mind-body medicine skills through individual or group educational sessions, corporate consulting, and community service.


Individual Mind-Body Sessions:

Individual Mind-Body Sessions are offered by Dr. Calderón through Mindful Psychiatry, usually as a set of 4-6 sessions. Sessions are individually tailored to meet the individual’s needs, whether to help a novice begin a personal mind-body practice or to aid more experienced practitioners of mind-body skills.

Wellness Consultations and Special Programs:

Mindful Psychiatry will tailor the Mindful Living Program’s training to your company’s needs. We have worked with large, medium, and small corporations and institutions, secular, religious, for-profit and non-profit, including Entergy Corp., The Sheraton Group, the New Orleans Fire and Police Department, Touro Synagogue, the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans, Associated Catholic Charities, LSU, Louisiana Office of Mental Health, the National Association of Personal Coaches, and the Bridge House.

Group Programs:

Group programs are offered throughout the year. Please check the calendar page to find out about upcoming offerings. Here are some of our past programs:

  • Mind-Body Medicine Groups: These groups teach several techniques, including mindfulness meditation, nutrition, biofeedback, autogenic training, genograms, relapse prevention, and cognitive restructuring techniques. Groups meet for one-and-half to two hours a week, for eight to twelve weeks. A commitment to develop an individual self-care practice and to attend the full program is required. These groups are offered several times a year and are closed to new participants once a new course begins.
  • Life and Mind, Living Without Depression: The objective of this 6-week group program is to support a sustainable and balanced lifestyle to aid in recovery from depression and reduce the risk of relapse.
  • Mind-Body Skills Group for Stress Reduction, Wellness, and Health: This 8-week groups teaches basic, scientifically proven techniques practiced in Western medicine and traditional healing cultures. The skills taught vary between groups, but include basic training in mindfulness and other forms of meditation, using movement for health, biofeedback and autogenic training, guided imagery, mindful eating and nutrition, creative expression and more.
  • Mind-Body Medicine Skills for Relapse Prevention from Addictions: A very important aspect of relapse prevention is having and using skills to deal with strong emotions and difficult situations. If you are early in your sobriety, or have some time in recovery but feel you are still missing ways to cope better and enrich your life, this 9-week group will help you to reduce your risk for relapse. Learn how to better manage anxiety, depression, craving, inattention, dissatisfaction, boredom, and pain often associated with relapse. This is not a twelve-steps based group. The group complements and reinforces twelve-steps and other secular or spiritual recovery work you may be doing. This group is confidential and is offered for the first time in New Orleans, providing you a unique opportunity. Participation in the program requires any length of sobriety, and the willingness to practice and share.

Other Specialty Groups and Lectures we have Offered:

  • Stress reduction for adolescents
  • Pain without Suffering© group for individuals and caretakers of those with chronic pain
  • Mindful Eating and Nutrition
  • Trauma and Growth
  • Mindful Leadership©
  • Distress to Test© group for enhancing academic performance
  • Caring for Ourselves While Caring for Others© to reduce the chance of burnout, professional dissatisfaction, and vicarious trauma for healthcare providers
  • Lectures: the latest on depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, mind-body medicine, conflict resolution, and spirituality and health, among other topics. (Some of these offer CEU credits)

Please inquire about particular workshops and let us know your needs.