Dr. Calderón in the Media


In the News:

Zen Pals

Dr. Calderon interviewed on meditation in an article in the October 2016 issue of the New Orleans Gambit.


Qi Qong and Mind-Body Medicine

Dr. Calderon leads participants in Qi Gong at the Mind Body-Medicine Fundamentals course held in Portland, Oregon in October 2016.


Dealing with Emotions After a Tragedy

Dr. Calderón shares some advice on WWL-TV to help people deal with feelings of fear, anxiety and more after the latest the police shooting in Baton Rouge.


Out to Lunch Radio Broadcast on WWNO 89.9: Out to Lunch is a radio broadcast hosted by economist and Tulane finance professor Peter Ricchiuti, who invites guests from the new world of the New Orleans business renaissance to join him. Listen to Dr. Calderón speak about Mindful Psychiatry and alternative provisions of health care in New Orleans.


Fostering Healthcare Provider’s Posttraumatic Growth

Disaster planning has traditionally focused on the concrete needs of the impacted population. This paper looks at the impact of direct and indirect trauma exposure as it affects healthcare providers responding to a region-wide natural disaster and discusses trauma management via the incorporation of self-care techniques.

Rebuilding Public Inpatient Psychiatric Services in Post-Katrina New Orleans

This article describes the clinical and administrative expe- riences of providing inpatient care in post-Katrina New Orleans, including the increased demand for programs to treat patients with co-occurring disorders, the expanded scope of practice for psychiatrists to include primary care, and ongoing staff shortages in a traumatized and displaced workforce.


TMS as an Augmentation Agent in Treatment Resistant Bipolar II Depression

Depressive symptoms in bipolar disorder produce a significant level of disability, and seem to be the predominant phase of the illness. Bipolar depression can be difficult to treat, and there is great need for techniques to improve rates of response. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has been reported to be effective in unipolar depression. This summary sheet displays the findings of a study designed to test whether the addition of TMS to pharmacotherapy would improve the rates of response to medication treatment.

Optimizing the Response to TMS in Major Depression through Intensive Concomitant Medication Management

This summary sheet displays the findings of a study designed to test the concomitant use of TMS and antidepressants.