Logan Atkinson Burke

2017-11-15 19:00 - 2017-11-15 20:00

dsc02212-ps-ed-shp_1Logan Burke is the New Executive Director of the Alliance for Affordable Energy, the Louisiana ratepayer advocacy organization.  Since joining the Alliance in 2013, Ms. Burke has worked on a broad scope of consumer protection and energy issues, including but not limited to energy efficiency, Integrated Resource Planning, distributed energy resources, decoupling, lost contributions to fixed costs and general regulatory matters pertaining to the City of New Orleans and the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

She has also acted as the lead on several collaborative efforts with other advocacy organizations in the housing, health, good governance sectors, ultimately creating reports on health impacts of energy, the creation of a sustainable housing policy for New Orleans, and a more broad consideration of resource planning, including the impacts of climate change.

Before joining the Alliance, Ms. Burke was the founder and development director for the Committed To Equality Initiative in Los Angeles, CA. Logan’s interest in conservation, sustainability, and affordable energy stems from a passion for equal access to shared resources. Before settling into energy and public policy work, Logan worked for 12 years in the arts in New York and Los Angeles. Her background and education in the arts, including an undergraduate degree from Vassar college, enable Ms. Burke to bring a fresh creative perspective to a complex policy environment. ​