Kathy Farah, MD and Ojibwa Elder Donna LaChapelle

2017-09-06 19:00 - 2017-09-06 20:00

unnamedDr. Kathy Farah is a Integrative Family  Physican with a primary practice in Western Wisconsin for over 25 years. She believes in empowering patients to improve their health by optimizing their nutrition, exercise and relationships . Dr Farah provides Integrative Consults at Children’s Hospital and Clinics in Minneapolis MN. She is a Senior Faculty for the Center for Mind Body Medicine for US and global programs. In the last 6 years,  she has been part of the initiative to share Mind Body skills with Native American communities in Minnesota and South Dakota. The most recent program has been at the Little Wound School on Pine Ridge Reservation in response to the suicide epidemic. Teachers counselors and students from 7 Tribal Schools attended the training and are leading Mind Body groups that also incorporate indigenous wisdom.


Donna LaChapelle is an Indian women. She is very proud to belong to a Nation of people who practice and live with a Cultural life way. Her love for her people brought her to the Center of Mind-Body Medicine. The transformation in her personal experience with CMBM was key for her, and she wanted to bring this work forward into Indian Country, as she believed it to be very important. Her people are a people rich in language, songs and ceremonies. They are healing from the depths of historical trauma and great loss. She believes the MBM work addresses the gaps of personal healing that many of her people find missing in their lives and cannot find in the systems that are offered in the greater society.