Addiction Recovery for Mind and Body Webinar


Dr. Calderón is a panelist for the Addiction Recovery for Mind and Body Webinar, hosted by the Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

About the Webinar:

The strongest evidence for successful addiction recovery includes the combination of coping skills training, family groups, community, and when pertinent, medications.

Bringing mind-body medicine philosophy and skills to addiction recovery is an innovative, effective, and suited approach to help address the multilayered complexity of the addiction process.

In this Webinar, Dr. Calderón shares over 15 years of experience using mind-body medicine skills for the treatment of addictions, and pertinent evidence from neurosciences, stress response, and mind-body medicine-mindfulness that supports this integrative approach.

Join us to see how mind-body medicine skills for addiction could be of help for you and/or your patients, colleagues or loved ones, and what next steps you can take to deepen and expand your practice.

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