Mindful Psychiatry

Mindful Psychiatry Private Practice

*Please Note: Dr. Calderon is not currently accepting new patients. Please contact the office at 504-891-8808 to be put on the waitlist for new patient appointments.

Mindful Psychiatry aims to move beyond symptom management, through the creation of a collaborative contract between doctor and patient. This contract is based on honesty, hard work, and the desire to get well.

At my practice, you will learn to engage in proactive lifestyle changes as fundamental building blocks for health and wellbeing: sleep, diet, physical activity, hobbies, meaningful activities, community, and spirituality will all be discussed. Together we will explore these lifestyle factors in order to cultivate psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual contributors to wellbeing.

From this perspective, psychiatric medications are valuable tools to control symptoms. They are used as adjunctive, supportive or temporary tools to reduce symptoms and return to function, while lifestyle changes take place.

We may also utilize testing, including traditional laboratory studies as well as tests within the realm of Functional Medicine, in order to better assess your biological intolerances, sensitivities, and other metabolic functions. In certain cases, we may also discuss the utilization of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as an augmentation to your treatment plan.